We’re seeking to take the Government to court over the “largest ever” roads programme and we need your help. Please consider supporting our crowdfunder on CrowdJustice and share the link widely. See also our video, kindly produced for us for free by A Better Planet

Historic Defeat

The Department for Transport (DfT) faced a historic defeat in February, when the Court of Appeal blocked expansion of Heathrow on climate grounds. This should have led to a rethink of its roads policy. We wrote to it on 5 March asking for this but never received any response, not even an acknowledgement. Instead the Government pressed on and at the Budget on the 11 March, announced its ‘largest ever’ roads programme, Road Investment Strategy 2 (RIS2).

Delivering RIS2 would mean spending £27bn on thousands of miles of road from Cornwall to Northumberland. Therefore we felt we had no choice but to take legal action to stop it. We’ve now uncovered secret plans to spend £90 billion over the next 15 years and that’s just on the strategic roads network.

We realise this case will be of interest to people concerned about climate change, air pollution and other environmental issues, as well as communities across the country threatened by road building. So watch this space for regular updates!

For those wishing to know more detail about our challenge, check out the legal details.

This is a somewhat slow and expensive process and since we are only a small organisation, that’s why we need to raise money to cover our legal costs. Anything you can give via CrowdJustice would be much appreciated.

For the most up to date news on our challenge see our latest blog

*Photo: Derrick Coffee – widespread habitat destruction ahead of new road construction (far greater than the road width)